Who Are We

Our friendly and dynamic team of 3 has over 20 years of experience in Lettings in East Lothian and Edinburgh. Our agency sets itself apart from the traditional behaviours which have been normalised within our sector. A level of customer service for tenants and landlords that has consistently not been good enough…where average has become great and where lettings has often been a ‘second thought’ to the more lucrative maintenance or estate agency departments in traditional businesses.

As we strive to achieve something better, we don’t allow ourselves to become distracted; we believe in doing one thing really really well and embracing the concept of continuous improvement, making small changes each day to enhance our service.

We see our customers as both our landlords AND our tenants. Having happy tenants in our properties, who feel listened to and looked after is just better on all levels. All our clients want us to provide the best property management service possible and by building real relationships with every single customer, by listening to feedback and allowing space to improve and innovate, by recognising our mistakes and being open in our communication we can create long term relationships that are based on trust and as a result…so much better!


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Our Values

Focus on our customers and all else will follow

We aren’t looking for growth, this will only come as a natural result of focusing on our customers.

It’s best to do one thing really really well

We believe in doing one thing really really well and embracing the concept of continuous improvement in that one thing.

Openness and bravery in how we work and communicate

Admitting to mistakes, embracing difficult conversations and showing vulnerability are vital to how we work internally and externally.

Operational excellence is not about wearing a suit

Too often our industry hides behind fancy suits and offices. Our professionalism will be in what we do and how we improve.

Great team and a great place to work

Not every day will be great but we will strive to be a great team and a great place to work