What Is Better Value For Money? High Street vs Online Letting Agents

For most landlords, getting great value for money from your letting agent is extremely important. With so many different options out there – from big name high street companies, to independent online agents – knowing exactly what is the best fit is a tricky task. High street letting agents often possess the names we all know due to their prominent position on main thoroughfares. As a landlord though, that nice office comes at a cost which trickles back to you. […]

What is it fair to charge for in the lettings industry?

A few years ago, I was a landlord looking for someone to look after my property. As I started to investigate letting agents and read the contracts they were giving me, I began to see a familiar theme: they found a way to charge for everything! In addition to the monthly management fees, agents were also adding an additional fee to find tenants – often called a ‘marketing fee’ or a ‘tenant find’ fee. This is highly common practice across […]

Could Our Breakthrough Software Get You A Better Rent Value, Faster?

Re-letting a property is a key time in the lifecycle of a buy-to-let and now that Spring is arriving we are in a popular time for tenants to give their notice. When that happens, we want to make the transition of tenants as quick and straightforward as possible, whilst still being thorough and getting the fullest available rental value for the property. FIRST IN SCOTLAND That’s why we have become the first letting agent in Scotland to use an exciting […]

Are Wishes Becoming Reality In The Rental Market?

Despite unsettledness in the lettings industry, caused by changing legislation and parliamentary rumblings, there remains no shortage of good reasons to be a landlord. In East Lothian we’re seeing not only high demand for rental properties, but also high demand from long-term tenants. HOME MAKERS The vast majority of our tenants in East Lothian are turning the properties they let into their homes and staying in situ well beyond the typical 6-12 months of a standard Short Assured Tenancy Agreement. […]