Report a Repair

    Please use this form to let the Fidra Lettings Team know of any issues in your rented
    property, including emergencies during Monday to Friday office hours (9am-4pm).

    For any out of hours emergencies - during evenings or weekends - please call our
    emergency team: 01620 672 955.

    1. Maintenance issue*

    2. Please describe the issue with as much detail as possible.*

    3. How would you rate the severity of the issue?(1 is not at all urgent. 5 is an emergency requiring immediate action). *

    4. If the issue is about an appliance, please detail the appliance type, make and

    5. What steps have you already taken to resolve the issue?

    6. Please include a few photos, or a video, to show the issue.

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    12. I give consent for my contact details to be shared with relevant contractor(s) to
    resolve this issue.

    13. I give consent for the property to be accessed by a contractor using a spare
    key if I am not home.

    Please note that other than an absolute emergency, we would never enter the
    property without your prior permission. With your agreement, we can provide
    contractors with a spare key to enable them to carry out work while you’re out
    and help resolve the issue quickly.

    By pressing submit I confirm that all other occupiers of the property are aware that contractors may visit to resolve the issue.

    By submitting your email address and telephone number(s) to us you consent to us contacting you by email or telephone in order to enable us to deal with your query.